Endofline Graffiti Festival

Endofline Graffiti Festival – Nomadic Gardens, London(UK)

caps-cans-and-art-all-roundFollow the smell of paint down Brick Lane, through the all aged playground. Continue under the bridge and into the rabbit hole that is Nomadic Gardens.

“Meeting of Styles” put together a 2 day Graffiti festival, showcased on London’s largest legal street-art wall. An international network of graffiti artists that began in Wiesbaden, Germany in 2002.

They have given aerosol artists a podium to present all different types of urban art.

This art and music festival brings together over 60 artists from all corners of the world. During rain and shine the walls crawled with graffiti artists on ladders, scaffolding and under umbrellas.

Beat boxers from Beatbox Collection, one of the many performers, enthralled us as the walls morphed from one pallet of colour to the next.

The acts didn’t stop with DJ’s, MC’s and other artists.

A continuous sensory stimulation of lyrics, beats and colour.

Nomadic Community Gardens closes it’s gates after years of entertaining. The space lay empty for 20 years before a dedicated team of volunteers transformed the eye sore into an open garden with 160 allotment beds. This non-profit organisation has been built up to become a beautiful oasis. Unfortunately the lot has been sold off in order to make room for new developments.

It has been a privilege sharing this space with artists, musicians, vendors and many colourful characters.

So no more Gardens, just a beautifully coloured bridge. Might find myself taking the eastbound train from Shoreditch High Street just to get a glance of the mural whilst it’s still there.

~MissHell ❤️

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